An innovative autonomous intrusion detection device on fences to secure the perimeter of your sites
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DiFENCE detecteur périmétrique

Many advantages

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100% solar

The DIFENCE does not use batteries. The product is recharged by solar energy and maintains an autonomy of 30 days when fully charged.
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Simplified maintenance

With no consumables to replace and with remote and centralized administration of the solution, you optimize your on-site travel while gaining in responsiveness.
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Secure system

Resistant to damage, the surrounding devices take over on the temporarily offline section, and your perimetry remains 100% protected.
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Swift deployment

Quick to implement: no work or landscaping is necessary. It is therefore just as suitable for a new installation as for an existing one.

Secure your establishments with DIFENCE

The DIFENCE constantly analyzes the energy and movements of your fence to distinguish intrusion events from simple transient vibrations. The events thus detected are transmitted by secure and long-range radio link to the Invithings network concentrator.

Video presentation of the DIFENCE

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