The first security measure remains your perimeter, which we secure with innovative stand-alone solutions.

We are redefining the standards of security solutions.

Because your business tools are complex, our security solutions will remain simple to install, to operate on a daily basis and to maintain over time.
Invissys solutions are designed to cover large sites, and multi-site management makes it possible to extend a single centralized solution to all your sites.
It is crucial that a perimeter security system remains operational after the loss of a few sensors. Our sensors are independent and do not question the integrity of the system.
In a professional ecosystem, a tool can no longer be efficient without taking into account the rest of its environment. Our solutions are standardized in order to be able to integrate with third-party solutions.
To allow you to focus on your core business, our solutions require little maintenance. Most maintenance operations can be performed remotely.
Security standards and your needs are constantly changing. Our research and development teams continue to maintain a high level of security while offering new features.

A perimeter solution adapted to each use case.

Because each site has its own characteristics and needs, we have to offer a catalog of complementary solutions.


Intrusion detector on fence: the DiFence analyzes the movements of the fence in real time, and raises an alert in LoRa if it detects an intrusion.
100% autonomous product: no lithium cell or battery used. The product is recharged with solar energy, and maintains an autonomy of 30 days at full charge.
Secure and resilient system: a degraded sensor does not compromise the rest of the perimeter installation.

Infrared barriers

Ideal as an outdoor alarm or early intrusion detection system for open areas and small perimeters.
No civil engineering, no wiring: the barriers are powered by batteries (5 years of autonomy) and use LoRa communication.
We adapt to your needs by offering models covering the following distances: 30m, 60m and 100m.

Opening detector

The magnetic sensor is used to detect opening and/or closing events of gates, doors, windows, etc...
By installing without wiring or drilling, this product is ideal as a retrofit, and suitable for fireproof doors.
Thanks to LoRaWAN radio communication, these sensors transmit their alarms over very long distances, making them ideal for operation on large sites.

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